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cards. john: free stuff for victims. bill o'reilly. >> no matter what the evidence, no matter what facts are presented, the liberal line will be the same if society's fault. john: she blames her parents for bad attitude. the back street boy's neck carter blames his drug binges on paris hilton. lamar odom as father blames his sons trouble on the kardashian these people say they cannot find work. this woman works for the welfare office. >> which should be done about that? >> i don't really know. they will get a job. john: selling victim died. that is our show tonight. ♪ spherejohn: are you a victim? won 19 emmys. solar powered clothes dryer, just 50 bucks. what did they get in the mail? a clothesline. >> this machine supposedly used chemical sprays to make people feel younger. >> or you could use this device. >> will step. of ugly facial fat. john: it's my job. i should warn you about scams. nothing wrong with consumer reporting. the media always goes overboard. and in 2020 we did. >> coffee makers may have started dozens of fires. john stossel with the facts you @%ould know, brewi
that we ought to be rushing to try to help the needyid benefit credit cards, edt cards. john: free stuff f victims. bill o'reilly. >> no matter what the evidence, no matter what facts are presented, the liberal line will be the sam if society's fault. john: she blames her parents for bad attitude. the back street boy's neck carter blames his drug bingesn ris hilton. lamar odom as father blames his sonsrouble on the kardashian these people say they cannot find work. this woman works for the welfare office. >> which should be done abt th? >> i don't really know. they will get a job john: selling victim died. that is our show tonight. ♪ spherejohn: are y a victim? won 19 emmys. solar powered clothes dryer, just 50 bucks. what did they get in the mail? a clothesline. >> this machine supposedly used chemical sprays to make people feel younger. >> or you could use this device. >> will step. of ugly facial fat. john: it's my job. should warn you about scams. nothing wrong with consumer reporting. the media alwayss goes overboar. and in 2020 we did. >> cfee makers may have started dozens of fi
presidente, por la oportunidad. se lo agradezco mucho. ♪ (todos hablan). >> hola, john. gracias por venir. >> escucha, no me gustan las reuniones fuera de canales normales. >> no fue mi intenciÓn. >> ¿vienen contigo? >> sÍ. ♪ >> ya sea que me guste o no. escucha john, yo, hay problemas. >> ¿quÉ ocurre? >> alguien estÁ matando a nuestros testigos. tres muertos en las Últimas 48 horas. >> ¿quiÉn? >> ni de los tuyos, ni de los mÍos. no aÚn, al menos. >> ¿su identidad fue violada? >> no, no. ese es el problema y no hay forma de que alguien supiera cual es la ubicaciÓn de los tres. >> hay un espÍa dentro de protes. >> beller lo cree asÍ y tal vez es cierto. los tres testigos eran testigos en casos de mucha importancia, casos federales. todos con enlaces internacionales, es lo que tienen en comÚn. >> existen otros con ese mismo perfil. >> seis, parseexactos. u dellos es tuyo el otro e mÍo, asi es que, debemos ponernos en contacto y republicarlos de inmediato. Él ya te estÁ cargando combustible. >> trabajo solo y lo sabes. >> no esta vez. beller lo ordenÓ, es el sistema es
. >> john boehner kept saying i want to have a kchgs. >> he used the word conversation 22 times in that interview. >> the goal posts have moved again. >> now they are stuck. >> for them, a win is -- >> full capitulation. >> to have him cry uncle. >> it's time for us to take a stand. >> it's not enough to take a stand. in the end you have to govern. >> the boehner bhungalers. that's the headline of the column in the "new york times" today. what he called the keeply incompetent house republican leadership. the professor goes on to refer to the house of representatives as the keystone cops and the boehner bungle eebungleers. but there is another possible. the one that no one is considering. what if what if john boehner and the house republican leadership and senator ted cruise know exactly what they're doing and exactly why they're doing it? what if they are playing a much longer and bigger game than anyone has noticed. what if their concern is the presidency and nothing but the presidency? and what if the republican party, the party that created the modern imperial presidency has
. >> stahl: it is the story that has never been told. there were 105 in all, john riordon risking his own life, rescued in the last days of the vietnam war. even now, four decades later, when they see him, you know, they know he is the reason they are alive. >> thank you. >> stahl: and they call him "papa." how many grandchildren do you have? >> i keep using the number 105. but the grandchildren, don't ask me. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living wit
republican leaders including john boehner understood the danger that they were getting into, they just couldn't figure out a way to avoid it. >> the other thing this poll shows is that the president's refusal to negotiate on his obama care or affordable care act, that has support of 40% agreeing, 43% disagreeing with the fact it should be reopened. mark. >> this maybe, as our polsters point out silver lining for republicans here. essentially split looking whether president obama should negotiate and actually asked should negotiations occur after the debt ceiling has been increased and the government is fully operational. so the country is split with just 3 percentage more saying -- disagreeing with president obama's position here. although it does seem like a lot of maneuvers from the meeting last night he might be able to dapg ell dangle a concession or two to get the government open. >> lets talk about the value summit. ted cruz was one of the headliners today. ted cruz gets hammered in this poll. >> yeah. you know, andrea, his favorable, unfavorable, people have a positive view versus nega
and reopen the federal government? with house speaker john boehner maintaining that all he wants to do is have a conversation with the president, he got his wish today. when president obama rang him up. and we have just learned that speaker boehner will make a statement at 4:30 p.m., which, of course, we'll bring you live. and president obama today called on the speaker, reiterating that he's willing to negotiate with republicans, just as soon as they reopen the government and stop threatening to default on the nation's debt. just because they don't like the health care law. that's the president's position. and at a press conference today, he stuck with it. >> i will sit down and work with anyone of any party, not only to talk about the budget. i'll talk about ways to improve the health care system. i'm ready to head up to the hill and try. i'll even spring for dinner again. but i'm not going to do it until the more extreme parts of the republican party stop forcing john boehner to issue threats about our economy. we can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. >> meanwhile,
the season with joel hanrahan as their closer. he underwent tommy john surgery in may. andrew bailey two stints on the dl. shoulder surgery in july. uehara is the man. helped get the red sox here and he misses high with ball one to jhonny peralta. one ball, one strike. >> tim: boy, that was a wicked splitter. diving out of the strike zone. it looks like a strike. and it difference late. >> joe: strike two. >> tim: peralta thought it was low, and it was. sox with a huge break on that 1-1 pitch. >> joe: reaching for it. out at second. double play! and the tigers are down to their final out with avila coming up. >> tim: that was the splitter. he reaches for it and grounds it out. but in fairness, that at-bat could have changed had that 1-1 pitch been a ball instead of a strike. >> joe: koji uehara is trying for his second save in this postseason of more than an inning. he went an inning and a third in game four the divisional series in tampa bay. trying for his sixth save in that category overall. here's avila. ball one. alex avila homered sunday night. he made 11 during the regular season.
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raising the debt creeling. >> thanks, terry. the dow down 160 points. earnings from alcoa. john boehner coming up in the second half hour. i'll see you tomorrow. >> it is 4:00 on wall street do. you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo. close at 157 points. we saw selling intense fife just about 10 minutes before the close. nasdaq composite down 75 points. that has to do with technology and biotell. biotech hardest hit down across the board after having run up 60% year to date on the major biotechs. s&p 500 down 20 points. 1.25%. the market clearly worried about the debt ceiling, now nine days away according to the treasury. joining us now, he finishes out his final trades on the floor. peter shift, the stock market is worried. you're not worried. >> i think the stock market is going down because it needs correction. i don't think it's panging because of the debt ceiling or the shutdown. however, the resolution to phony crisis may be the end of it but that doesn't mean it caused it. the main reason is the debt ceiling. the presiden
the house speaker, john boehner, in the hopes of finding a resolution to this stalemate. how far did it go? >> reporter: the day started with promise, we are eight days into the shutdown with eight days to go before the possible debt ceiling default. president barack obama and john boehner after the call had dueling press conferences, the president was out and spent a hour with the reporters and then john boehner came out and then we are right back where we started earlier in the morning, a standoff. >> all i will say is that we're not going to pay a ransom for america paying its bills. that is something that should be non-negotiable and everyone should agree on that and everyone should say that one of the most valuable things that we have, it is america's credit worthiness. >> reporter: and something that the president did, he left the door open, ajar for a short-term extension of the debt ceiling and said that then he would come back to the table and negotiate but he will not negotiate under a threat and most interpreted that as an opening and john boehner appeared less than a hour later
for this white house. host: congressman david schweikert, thank you for joining us. guest: john, i appreciate it. host: coming up, the impacts of national security efforts during the government shutdown. we will be right back. >> the president had us all down to the white house last week only to remind me that he was not going to negotiate over keeping the government open or over the looming need to increase the debt limit. >> democrats agree, we are willing to negotiate but won't negotiate to a with a gun to our heads. we say to our republican colleagues, and this irresponsible government shutdown. >> we are not going to negotiate under the threat of a prolonged shutdown until republicans get 100% of what they want. coverageith c-span for of the government shutdown and your input into the conversation. >> i am disgusted that obama cannot compromise. he refuses to negotiate. the shutdown is that republicans are playing stupid games and if everybody play these games long-term, the entire government shutdown. something assembly treason. >-- something resuming treason. -- we bring public affairs ev
>>> good evening over one welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler in new york. no deal on the government shutdown but the two sides talk and are expected to talk again tonight. >> plus, stock optimism even the mention of a deal had the stocks soring today. we'll look at whether the traders optimism was premature. >>> the ki kidnapping. the prime minister was abducted at gun point. >>> one. mercury 7 astronauts has died. we'll look back at scott carpenter's mission. ♪ >>> for now they started talking. the president met with g.o.p. leaders this afternoon at the white house. there could be more talks tonight. it's the most activity we have seen since the government shutdown ten days ago. one republican called the talks useful and productive, but no deal on the shutdown or the debt ceiling. mike viqueira is standing by at the white house. another day of political theater what does it mean? >> this is a little more substancetive. there is no break through to this impasse. with one week to go the possible default for the october 17t october 17th deadline for congress to ac
and the senate minority leader, are going to be able to get together and do a deal at this hour and john boehner is going to accept it? boehner is going to be able to take whatever these gentlemen come up with in the senate and go over to the house and say hey, guys, come on. i've got some new tea for you to drink. it ain't going to happen. this is nothing but false hope. i will be stunned if we don't default. i will be stunned if there is a deal. now meanwhile, the backdrop of all of this, republicans who shut down the government are using our nation's veterans as pawns in their battle to win back political opinion. yeah, i constantly have to be ask yourself the question throughout all of this, where are the american people. what is our threshold. what do we want? well, we want a government that works, we want a government that's open and we want a deal that's going to give the middle class a chance in this country. americans overwhelmingbly blame republicans for the shutdown by a 22-point margin. that's a heck of a number. so why are the democrats even dealing with these people? with those num
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at the white house. john boehner had nothing to say after that meeting. >> mr. speaker -- >> boehner released some of his lesser known republican members to take the new house republican message to the nation. >> no one here wants to default on our nation's debt. and so that's why -- the republicans in the house have suggested let's just get that off the table. >> opening the government is a negotiation that will happen tonight. and in the, in the hours ahead, and we hope to have it open by -- you know, monday morning. >> and boehner left questions about the details of any possible deal where those questions belong, the chairman of the powerful appropriations committee. >> we agreed to -- fry to find the -- one digss for the cr -- conditions for the cr. >> part of the debt ceiling bill now? >> and we'll get back with each other tonight. >> so the conditions for dealing with the cr would be part of the six-week debt bill is that what you are saying? >> well -- let me stay away from those things at the moment. >> but is the resolution trying to resolve both of these, use in some fashion? >> bot
extension of the debt limit anywhere from two weeks to two months. that's what aides tell me. john boehner would like to present a plan that they can argue they are meeting the president halfway. the focus would be on presenting the debt limit and there will be no focus on government funding. you can have the house gop to figure out a way to raise the debt limit, but the government would be shut down. that's one of the things we will be talking about. they have to see how the plan will sell. the ryan op ed he had would be the more conservative wing is sort of a starting point. you can see how that games with members. as you know, chris, a lot of plans that come from the leadership only to doie a quick death. they realize the experience of getting a debt limit extension through and whatever they figure out today at the meeting, they will bring on down to the white house. >> lastly, i will say this. there is talk that the president was disappointed that not the entire house is coming. that was intentional to john boehner only bringing the house gop leadership and the chittee chairman. the la
on. senator john mccain former presidential candidate says despite the federal healthcare law is a waste of time and it's not the right moment to duke it out. here is what else he has to say. let's find away out of this. let's find away we can sit do you know. zblrchlts -- down.i don't careo appoint people and the informal conversations that we have had back and forth. but there should be away out of the dead ends we are in. >> how is this going to end? we know how no i this is going o end. sooner or later the government will resume their functions and sooner or later we will raise the debt limit the question is how do we get there. if there is anyone that disagrees that we won't reach that point i would like to hear from them. why don't we do this now rather than later. and why doesn't the senate lead. >> a veteran politician who has been through many battles in the past saying why don't we move this forward. harry reid is taking up his own fight. >> we need to re-open the federal government now. not ten minutes before the debt ceiling is gone. we need to get back to the bus
exactly this countiry will prevent a first of its kind default. a deal offered by speaker john boehner to reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling, one that was supposed to be voted on by the house tonight as i speak to you. that deal has now been nixed. republican leadership in the house appear to have no idea what to do next and there is no good reason to believe anyone knows what will happen next. the house measure that was to have been voted on would have funded the government through december 15, extended the debt limit to february 7 and ended employer contributions to health insurance for members of congress and its staff, the white house and its staff as well as cabinet members. in this case government contributions since the government is the employer. as that made its way to the house rules committee, heritage activists urged them to vote no. and shortly after a vote was killed. just 24 hours after we thought we had a deal coming from the senate. >> reporter: here is another layer of gamesmanship to the drama playing out in washington. senator ted cruz in texas convened
>>> i'm john in new york. next in line, the woman, the president has chosen to head the federal reserves. ithe challenges she faces and hr responsibility. >> whenever we do these things, it hurts our credibility around the world. >> the idea that we can continue to spend money that we don't have and give the bill to our kids and grand kids would be wrong. >> discussing differences, offer, counter offers and acquisitions in washington. still raising concerns about american adults when it comes to basic, reading, writing and ma math. >> the shut down, the debt ceiling is an unpredictable time for the u.s. economy that could mean critical challenges for the new head of the federal reserve. the white house says president obama will nominate janet to replace ben bernanke when he steps down in january. kimberly reports. >> running to central pwa*pbing system in the united states is one of the powerful jobs in the world. the person in charge can direct the wallet of every american and the global economy. the chair sometimes called sets the price of pwro of borrowing . the u.s. money in
with a lot of promise. president picked up the phone and called john boehner. after dualing press conferences between the president, he was in the briefing room for more than an hour today and john boehner, it was clear that we were right back where we started first thing this morning and that is at a stand off. the president had two missions today. first, he wanted to continue this tkr-pl bea drum beat involn boehner. it would keep the government open far short period of time up until next month. putting pressure on john boehner saying both were there if they will help democrats to push across the finish adam. >> let's put people back to work. there are enough reasonable and democrats in the house who are willing to vote yes on a budget that the senate has already passed. as soon as they proceed against every item in the budget. >> job two for president today. there are those that call default denyers. they look at this impending deadline of october 17th, john. it's thought that bad. the president is alarming people, needlesly, the government can get by. it can pay its credittors, it can pri
into the future. >> john ridley, screenwriter, 12 years a slave. go see it. take the people you love. that's all for this evening. xx. xx. >> thank you to you at home for joining us this hour. in the 1994, nfl draft. first round of the draft that year, the washington redskins drafted a very, very promise young quarterback out of the university of tennessee. his name was heath shuler. redskins at the time were they terrible team in the nfl. picking somebody good as heath shuler, somebody expected to be as good as heath shuler was expected to be. the way the redskins were going to turn their frown upside down. heath shuler not enough to overcome the curse they put on themselves when they decided to dig in their heels and not change their racist name. not actually a curse. how would i know. seriously. though the redskins signed up heath shuler for a long contract. signing him up to pay him something like $20 million. he really never did anything for them of note. except that one time he threw five interceptions in one game. so never really did anything for the redskins. left the redskins. went to t
>>> good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler in new york. debt deal outline. the plans proposed by both houses of congress to the president to end the standoff. >>> embracing for impact. the evacuations are under way in india as a powerful cyclone is about to hit the coast? >>> and the announced visit the necessarmessage that john kerryr the president of afghanistan about the u.s. troops. ♪ >>> more signs of progress on the 11th day of the government shutdown. the white house and the senate republicans met earlier today in an effort to break the h deadlo. >> to members of congress of both side of the aisle. he may not want to call it a negotiate that is what i would call it many i do view that as progress. >> there have been constructiontive talks an when it comes to the house republicans in particular there is an indication of a recognition that we need t to remove default as a weapon in budget negotiations. >> and again the stock market reacted positively. the dow wag was up 111 points ad they hope it will help the u.s. avoid a default. mike
has been john mccain, his fellow republican. john mccain is also asking the president get more involved. the president invited leaders to come over at 3:00 this afternoon. this is mccain on "face the nation" with bob schieffer yesterday. >> i'm hopeful we will get negotiations, i hope the president will become engaged. maybe we need to get joe biden out of the witness protection program. he has good relationships. >> we haven't heard very much from him. >> what has happened to joe biden? harry reid seems to be keeping him out of the negotiations? >> my sense is he's involved in all the discussions, involved in all the meetings at the white house. i suspect over the long haul he will play a constructive role here. he's involved in the meetings this afternoon with the leadership. i don't think there's any magic bullet, no secret player. there's very fundamental things that have to be done here. room has to be created for a serious discussion about the long-term in terms of the budget and that has to be done in such a way that both houses of congress pass it. the senate seems to b
, the house looked like it was doing it's own thing today, john, but it has really been a bust of a day. this morning, house speaker, john boehner, went behind closed doors with republicans, and when they edge emerged they were not interested in what was taking place in the senate. the house republicans said we're not interested. though speaker boehner said no decisions are made at this point, the plan emerged throughout the day. but at this point, it was dead in the water. it was yanked back from a committee hearing this evening at the last hour because it turns out that it wasn't conservative never for the tea party republicans. the leadership from washington state said that it wasn't republican's fault. here's what she had to say. >> for weeks now, the republicans in the house have been leading with solutions, and we believe this is the time for solutions and they need to be based upon fairness for all. >> she's saying that the fault lies with dems, but that's not what the american public is finding and the polls for anyone in washington, but they're hitting republicans hard. the sit
at the summit, secretary of state john kerry came in his stead. attempted to reassure them that this political situation can be resolved but they're really trying to reassure that this debt situation in the united states isn't resolved very soon. >> u.s. government programs are running out of money and threatening to grind to a halt. the partial u.s. government shut down is now in its second week and doan loo doesn't look like g to be over soon. vulnerable people there may soon have nowhere to go. kimberly halcot reports. >> victims of domestic violence in washington, d.c, her program deals with government funding, already dealing with a shortage of funding because of budget cuts. but now with partial government shut down she fears that soon -- >> there's not going to be anyplace for survivors to run to and bottom line more survivors will end up on the streets or end up god only knows that as a result of domestic violence because they had no place to go. >> haskel estimates she can keep the shelter running for about another two weeks then the emergency money she receives from the government wi
. this is "bulls and bears." herehey are. we have gary b. smith, jonas farris, john layfield, larry glazer, and sasha burns. larry, failure to reach a d dea wot mean the endf the world? >> brenda, enough with the scare tactics. look, i know it' almost halloween. but the american people are sick and tired of being frightened into supporting mindless and endless government spending. look, not raing the debt ceiling not the same as a default. there's plenty of revenue to make interest and principle payments and to keep our accountscurrent. this is nedless frightening of the american pele, and they are not going to stand for it. they are fatigued. >> all right. sasha, are you frightened? >> you know, you're the first person i've hrd that has said that with a straight face. am i concerned? no. because i know that at the end of the day, the republicans are going to overcome theob rule of the teaarty and come up with a solution to keep the -- to keep us from defaulting. it is not just democrats saying this. it is ceos, the coke brothers, the chamber of commerce. it's every large business. it's t
corporate earnings. here to tell us if it will or won't is john butters. john, welcome back, good to have you with us again. what is the forecast for the recently finished third quarter? is your forecast for the fourth, and how do you think the impasses in washington will affect those earnings, if at all? >> right now for the third quarter, looking for 2.8% down from 6.5% at the start of the quarter. for the fourth quarter analysts are looking for quite an improvement. the growth rate jumps up to 10% that quarter. in terms of the impact in washington, you probably won't see much in the third quarter as the index closed on september 30s but the fourth quarter is the concern. we haven't seen downward divisions to that but it's certainly something to keep an eye on as we progress through the earnings season. >> john, you've been monitoring earnings for years and listened in on analysts' calls with the ceos of companies. what do you expect the outlook for the fourth quarter and the extend to the washington shutdown and debate over the debt ceiling moves they will make in their profits. >> the
>> good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siengenthailer in new york. >> how to stop the shutdown how we talk about re-opening the government. >> i cannot understand how this will be a benefit withheld. >> ben fidgets denied. the mother of a fallen serviceman outraged by the shotted down and the foundation stepping in to help. and holding back military aid. the wemtion and money that egypt won't get from the u.s. after the military coup. on the dernlt day the two sides will talk to each other. mike viqueira is at the white house and looks ahead to thursday's meeting. >> well thursday is shaping up to a big day in this drama. on thursday the president met with house democrats. all 200 at the white house. all marching in lock step to put pressure on the house republicans to allow a clean spending bill on the floor of the house to rye open the government and to pass a debt ceiling hike for the short term. on thursday, the democrats singing from the same hill all as the president harry reid their leader has been a tough guy in these negotiations turning back repub
, this morning speaker john boehner alluded to the fact the house would put forward its own bill with the same extension dates but with a few modifications. >> there are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. there have been no decision about what exactly we will do. we're going to continue to work with our members on both sides of the aisle to try to make sure there's no issue of default and get our government reopened. >> his deputy eric cantor stressed the importance of fairness in any deal. >> we also, though, as the house republican conference think is very, very important for us to stress in whatever proposal we move forward will reflect our position on fairness. >> to the house republicans fairness looks something like this. their bill will reportedly include two-year delay of medical device tax and prohibit members of congress and members of the president's cabinet from receiving subsidies for the nation's health care law. it will eliminate health insurance protections for labor unions which are outlined in the senate bill. and it would prevent the treasury from using extraordin
the house speaker, john boehner, said republican leaders were trying to come up with a plan of their own. >> there are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. there have been no decisions about what exactly we will do. but we're going to continue to work with our members on both sides of the aisle to try to make sure there's no issue of default, and to get our government re-opened. >> today the majority lead ex-harry reid, called accused house g.o.p. leaders of attacking by bipartisanship. >> this is so disappointing, on the eve of financial destruction for this great country -- that's what it is -- to appease a small group of people over there is so disappointing. >> of course there are but two days left before treasury officials say the government could default on its debt, potentially causing irreversible damage to the economy. there's a new poll that shows 74% of americans say they disapprove how republicans in congress are hale handling the negotiations, compared to 61% of the democrats and 53% who say the president is handling this poorly. >> it appears that at some point ver
now identified the man who they say set himself on fire on the national mall. he is 64-year-old john constantino of mount laurel, new jersey. miss police say when they arrived at the scene, they found him with significant burns. he later died. it is still not clear why you said himself on fire. >> it is day eight now of this government shutdown, and it turns out the crisis isn't stopping a major immigration rally that is already set for today. >> our john gonzalez is live on capitol hill this morning with the very latest on this story. good morning, john. >> good morning, jummy and scott. a strange situation here. a call for congress later today to legalize 11 million undocumented workers. this at time when congress can't even agree whether to come back to work or not. thousands are expected here on the national mall later this morning, once again pushing for immigration reform. the problem is as we all know, the national mall is currently closed but even as that is the case, the set up continues here for this rally called american path in spanish. it was planned before the governmen
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